You're at a Crossroads.
Now What?

cross·roads /ˈkrôsˌrōdz/
a point at which a crucial decision must be made that will have far-reaching consequences.

I know how hard
some decisions can be.

“What am I supposed to do next?”
“What is meant for me?”
What if I choose the wrong path?

These questions can freeze us in our tracks.

Questions so overwhelming we often attempt to escape so we can forget they exist.

May I invite you to do something with me? 

Take a slow, deep breath.

Notice where you are right now.

You’re here, in the safest possible space to welcome these questions.

You’re here, in the most supportive place to begin dancing with these questions.


This is a space where there is no judgement.

No assumptions about who you are.

No expectations to rush into a decision.

Take another deep breath in.

This is your life.

You deserve to lay out your options.

You deserve to ask your questions.

You deserve self-expression.

Slowly let that breath out.

You’re here because it’s time. 

It’s time to give tender, loving attention to your inner wisdom.

My Story

My adult journey started as a teacher of Islam.

Everything and everyone around me – including myself – expected me to embrace the role.

So, I did. Wholeheartedly.

Until I felt an inkling that this wasn’t for me.

It always starts with an inkling, doesn’t it?

A nudge, a question, a doubt.

Let me tell you, I’ve learned that doubt isn’t some invisible test to see if you’re committed.

Doubt is a gift.


Because questioning what isn’t feeling 100% right to you means you get the opportunity to explore what might be right. 

My gift of exploration led me to a different path than everyone – including me – expected me to be.

Your journey will lead you to whatever truth is meant
for you.