A Safe Space
Where Your Truth
Can Be Held
With Love

There is one thing
I understand oh-so-very well:

Being at a crossroads is hard.

“Should I stay in this relationship or leave?”

“Should I stay in this job or move on?”

“Should I come out of the closet?”

“Do I follow this nudge in my heart
that will probably change the direction of my life?”

These are all high-stake, life-changing decisions.

Decisions that can be very scary.

Especially when you don’t know who you can talk to about it

As in, really talk.

So, you keep it in, which keeps you wondering,
“What do I do from here?”

Here is where I ask you to
put your hand on your heart.

Take a deep breath.

Remind yourself that your very first step is to create a safe space. 

Right now,
that safe space is here.

I’m a set of open ears.

I’m a wide open heart.

I’m a safe space for you.

Let’s clear everything that is in your way.

There will be no judgement.

No overriding your values with my own.

No pushing you into anything you’re uncomfortable with.

Right off the bat Mona’s gentle and kind demeanor set the tone for a safe environment.

I immediately knew that I could trust her to
hold space for me in a judgement-free zone.

She encouraged me and cheered
for my wins and strengths
and helped me to see how
those very strengths could help me
move forward again in areas where I’ve been stuck.

I can’t say enough good things about the sessions I’ve had with Mona.


I have been working with Mona for a few months.

She is a uniquely compassionate
and intuitive coach who skillfully
creates a safe space, allowing me
to authentically dive into
the topics I bring to our sessions.

Mona has helped me
move through many, many
challenges with genuine curiosity,
support and kindness.

I highly recommend her!


Freedom of Expression

Together, we will create a container that is 100% safe
for you to say whatever it is you need to say,
however you need to say it.

You can consider the space with me as a little bubble that cannot be popped.

Every single word stays inside.
And only you have the power to let it out if you want.

Freedom to be Yourself

My aim is to always listen. Really listen.

Not just to what is being said, but also what isn’t.

Because there is truth in both sides of that coin.
And you deserve to be seen for who you truly are.

Not as the decisions you’ve made up to this point.

Not as the fears or concerns of making the decision.

But who you are at your core.

Freedom To Live a Life of Fulfillment

I know right now, you don’t know what the “right” thing to do is.

It’s okay. You don’t have to know what the next step looks like.

There’s only one thing you need to know at this moment:
You deserve to live a life of deep fulfillment.

And you deserve the support and compassion of a professionally trained coach to get there. 

We’ll clear whatever is in your way so that you can see and hear your own truth, your own wisdom, your own desires. 

I’m so glad to have Mona in my life.

When I show up for a session,
she always makes me feel like there’s no one else she’d rather be talking to right now…
and that helps me feel safe enough
to work through some very hard things.  

Through working with her, I’ve come a long way in setting aside old, hurtful patterns, and Mona’s warm understanding created the space I needed to do it.


Mona has a uniquely calm presence.

She has helped me through multiple challenges in my life, specifically in dealing with family dynamics and stress.

The somatic guidance and exercises she provided have allowed me to see what I wasn’t able to notice previously due to feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stuck. I am grateful – really grateful – to have such a compassionate, wise, warm coach to call on.


How It Works

We start with a one-time complimentary session
to give you an opportunity
to try out coaching and see if it feels like a match.

If you decide to continue, sessions are currently
at a sliding scale rate of $85 to $150 per session.

We meet for 60 minutes every week for the first month of working together,
and then twice a month for three months.

At the end of our four months,
we will explore the next steps that feel most aligned for you. 

Mona is a superb space-holder.

When one holds a space for others, she comes from that space of understanding, of partnership – a sense of “we are in this together”. 

This has helped me, in turn, to go into that space within and pull out those deeply-rooted issues, to have a real close look at them, to acknowledge and gather the courage to begin my healing process. 

It is easier when someone holds the space for you, unobtrusively and with silent encouragement. Such is Mona, such is her special gift.


I can trust myself again.

I’ve never had so many “epiphany moments” in my entire life until I started working with Mona.

I am FINALLY able to free myself from the guilt that had been hovering over me for decades – the guilt that had stopped me from living life to the fullest.

If I were a bird, I would fly high into the sky. That’s the sense of freedom that I’ve begun to notice through the work I’ve done with Mona.